8 Ash – 25 February

A shield wall of stout men.

Whilst many of the Symbols call upon us to work alone, occasionally we are reminded that others are there for us. They are watching, celebrating our breakthroughs, supporting us in our errors and generally covering our backs. Today’s Symbol is one such. A shield wall was the basic defensive system of the foot soldier. Whilst terrifyingly wild charges were prefered by the, and I love and embrace this word, barbarians, there were still times for shield walls. Remember you are surrounded on this plane and the others by a band of spiritual warriors, stout men, as it were but everybody is included. The thing with a shield wall is the interlocking shields. Each member of the wall depends upon and is depended upon by the person to left and right. Interdependence, community and strength, know you have acces to all these this day.

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