8 Rowan – 28 January

A woodcutter’s cottage high in the mountains.

Today’s Symbol is evocative of many faerie tales. The woodcutter is generally one of the good guys. Think “Little Red Riding Hood.” The woodcutter is also a solo figure, living in harmony with his surrounds, cutting enough to make a living but not too much to destroy the forest. Remember one functions of the Druids was as the keepers of the law “L_A_W” and the lore “L_O_R_E” and maintainers of balance. And this is the clue to today’s Symbol. As we grow in self understanding so we are drawn to understand our place in the world and how we interact with it. The image of the woodcutter’s cottage is to remind us not to use more than we need, to seek harmony and balance with the natural world. We live in a time when the human population of this planet uses a year’s worth of resources, as provided by the Earth by some time in August each year. So think, today especially, where you can reduce your impact on soil beneath your feet. Decide where you can make a difference in your daily life and sustain the systems which sustain us all. We are, after all, in this together. There is no Earth 2.0.

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