9 Birch – 1 January

The spear of destiny hangs poised in flight.

And on this day, it is as if the world has held its breath. With turning points already passed, the Symbols are letting you know that all is not yet set in stone. As the spear of destiny hangs poised in flight many questions arise. Is this just the high point of the parabola of the spear’s arc or has everything outside of you frozen in time? Who threw the spear? At what? So this is a day is rest the mind, to reconsider decisions, to contemplate all that lays before you. There will be consequences when the spear resumes its flight but you are being given the opportunity to negate or reinforce these consequences. If you decide the spear is going where it should then back it to the hilt. Go all in for this is, after all, the spear of destiny. We cannot fight our destiny but we can mitigate its effects on those around us. Today you have twenty four hours to decide.

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