9 Rowan – 29 January

A magickal mirror reveals the past.

As the past determines the present and the present determines the future, the ability to see our own pasts is gift indeed. To access the mirror of today’s Symbol, we need to mediatate. Using the same techniques as we used to enter the Tree of Life back on 16 Birch. Sit quiety, breathe deeply and allow yourself to relax into a state of calm. Find yourself in a corridor. Walk through this until a door holds your attention. Open the door, enter the room and see the mirror on the wall. In front of the mirror is a chair. Sit on this, continuing the sense of calm and allow the mirror to reveal to you what exactly from your past you need to reassess this day. Take as long as you need. Pay attention to the mirror. If your attention wanders, bring it back to the mirror. The story revealed will cover parts of your past you were unaware of. The details, the effects and the choices you made will all be revealed. So to will alternative choices. Choices still available to you this day. When you have received your message, allow yourself to gently return to the here and now. Take three breathes and be fully present. Know you can return to this room at any time of your choosing. This day’s Symbol is a tool for life. It will serve you well.

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