17 Alder – 3 April

Evolutionary tendencies are overthrown by revolution.

After yesterday’s Symbol and an acceptance of The Way, the seamless flow of existence, today’s Symbol suggests a period of turmoil. Revolution is rarely pretty nor bloodless but it is needed. Sometimes we have strayed from The Way, a long long way from The Way. To place back upon our path it seems the world is being torn down around us, that things are falling apart before our very eyes when in all actuality things are simply falling into place. This can be difficult at the time of the perceived re-arrangement of our places in the Universe but be assured, going with the flow as instructed yesterday will make this revolution far less disruptive and much shorter in duration.

16 Alder – 2 April

Swimming with the current I reach the other side.

You are being swept along in the current of life. You being taken to where you need to be, so stop fighting it! Nature does not hurry but still accomplishes. You too can do this. It is called being The Way. You will be where you need to be when you need to be. Understanding this Symbol, not intellectually nor emotionally but viscerally is the key to this plane. Take those first tentative steps into the sphere of “Do Nothing”. These will have tremendous long term effects. They are your lessons on the path to mastery.

15 Alder – 1 April

I meet my other self whilst peering into a sacred pond.

The reflected image of yourself is the key to self knowledge this day. Use a pond sacred to you, use the bathroom mirror if you need to. The point of this Symbol is to look within, To look into your own eyes, the window to your own soul. This can be very confronting. Confront yourself and learn. It can also be quite liberating. We can see we not quite whom we thought we were. So far this year you have been through many little steps leading to the person you are now. Take today to reflect upon those changes. See the person you were way back on the first of Birch. Do you still recognise that person? Do you see the changes that have occurred? Look upon yourself this day and see you looking back.

14 Alder – 31 March

Daring to win opens unexpected doors.

Let’s face facts. Fortune favours the brave. This is the day for fortune to come your way. Take the chance. The outcomes will not be what you first expected but exactly what you need. The symbols are telling to throw in job, toss out your partner, change where you live nor jump in your car never to return. They are asking you see where you can make the big changes in your life and set a plan to so do. A day where the seeds of change, the potentials for greatness are planted. The key is to make a decision to change some part of your life. In the decision comes the mighty workings of the universe. Things will conspire to drive you towards your decision even if they happen in ways you could not have foretold. So make a decision and follow through with a plan.

13 Alder – 30 March

Dancing with eagles I spy a pack of wolves.

Eagles are the symbol of higher knowings, of majesty and of individual freedom. Dancing with them suggests the shaman’s journey. So this day a meditation is called for. Get yourself into that state and take a higher perspective. Fly above the cares and woes of this life and look down upon the wider vistas of creation. From this point you will see many things. The way forward, the past and the now. Spotting a pack of wolves is indicative of many things. The most obvious not always being correct. They well be on the hunt but more likely than not they are just moving in the landscape. There effects will be felt across the entire range of their domain. From your vantage point you can these effects. In the watching of these wolves you will come to some understanding of the hidden effects you have on this world. Effects beyond you own field of perception. This is indeed a truly a gift.