AstrologyA system of understanding the world from an interpretation of the positions and relationships between the planets.
BeltaineCeltic Summer.
ChannelingThe act of communication with dis-incarnate entities through a medium. Can be oral, written or painted.
Corn DollyAn effigy constructed from the straw of corn (wheat, barley, oats, rye or maize) for use in ritual.
DousingUse of pendulum to receive answers from other realms.
DruidsPriestly class of the Western Celts.
GoddessIn the more general sense, the feminine power of Nature. In more specific terms individual deities representing different aspects of the feminine.
GrailInitially, a platter of plenty. Later, the cup used at the christian Last Supper.
Green ManA face created from leaves, vines and/or flowers. It is the representation of the living forces of Nature. May also be a person representing the nature energy archetype in a ritual.
HoroscopeA snapshot in time locating the position of planets at that time. Also includes the interpretation of such snapshot.
ImbolcCeltic Spring.
LughnasaCeltic Autumn.
MagicThe manipulation of Nature by humans.
MeditationThe process whereby the conscious mind is stilled of chatter.
MediumPerson, cards or other system through which access to esoteric material is facilitated.
NumerologyAn understanding of the Universe by accessing the vibrations it is made up of.
OghamCeltic script consisting of marks upon a perpendicular central line. (Ogham Page coming soon)
OracleA medium through whom a prophecy is passed.
Oracle CardsA set of cards used to access prophecy and/or esoteric information.
PaganOriginally from the Latin pagi, meaning of the countryside. From that it came to mean followers of the countryside religion. Now it means followers of Earth Centred Spiritualities. 
RunesA Northern European Script used as an oracle. These are usually inscribed on stones.
Sacred CircleA circle cast intentionally as part of a ritual to both keep the outside world away and to contain energy within.
SamhainCeltic Winter.
StaffUsed in ritual magic as a device to focus the energy.
TarotAn oracle based upon a 78 card deck.
Tree horoscopeHoroscope cast using the Celtic Tree Zodiac.
WiccaThe name developed during the 1950s to distinguish followers of pagan rites from the christian demonised “witch”.
WitchEither a christian denigration of pagan women or a political choice by some pagan practitioners to confront christian bigotry.
ZodiacThe collection of star signs, tree signs that complete the circle of the heavens/year and form the basic building blocks of astrology.

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