13 Alder – 30 March

Dancing with eagles I spy a pack of wolves.

Eagles are the symbol of higher knowings, of majesty and of individual freedom. Dancing with them suggests the shaman’s journey. So this day a meditation is called for. Get yourself into that state and take a higher perspective. Fly above the cares and woes of this life and look down upon the wider vistas of creation. From this point you will see many things. The way forward, the past and the now. Spotting a pack of wolves is indicative of many things. The most obvious not always being correct. They well be on the hunt but more likely than not they are just moving in the landscape. There effects will be felt across the entire range of their domain. From your vantage point you can these effects. In the watching of these wolves you will come to some understanding of the hidden effects you have on this world. Effects beyond you own field of perception. This is indeed a truly a gift.

12 Alder – 29 March

Broken bones knit correctly, the pain is long gone.

That which was broken is now repaired. The learning pains caused by the breakage have also passed. This is the day moving into the next phase. Trust the knowing, trust the universe, let go and get on. We tend to be healed before we are aware of it. The Nature of things is such that we build our ways of seeing based upon the suffering of the past we have survived. The pattern then becomes ingrained. Today’s Symbol is about no longer relying upon the patterns which kept us safe from old sufferings. This is a necessary step. Indeed it is a step we need to take periodically to ensure we are no longer trapped by old patterns. Todays symbol tells us to start with our oldest pains and come forward from there. A day of deep healing.

11 Alder – 28 March

The blade can stab and the point can slice.

We can use of tools in many ways. Of course, to a man with a hammer everything can appear to be a nail. Today’s symbol asks us to reassess our own tools and gifts. A skill in writing may actually be a gift for writing film scripts rather than blog posts. The same tool, one word after another, but with different applications. The Symbol also points to awareness in conflict. Whilst referencing a weapon, it can also be applied to words. Think carefully about your tools and your conflicts today. Again our greatest conflicts are within. Are we needlessly inflicting wounds upon ourselves through our misunderstanding of the weapons in our control? The Symbol would suggest so. Spend the day looking at and observing your inner dialog. See where you are attacking yourself and with what. This is instructive, be instructed by yourself.

10 Alder – 27 March

Opening the veils to the other realms I see my ancestors.

This is the day to reconnect. Meditation is the key. Go into your meditation state, visualise the great tree. Enter the tree and travel. Your ancestral links are very important at this time and so will be revealed. Remember we have many inheritances. There is the genetic trail leading us all back to, if we are not still there, tp the dawn of our species in Africa. Then there is the spiritual lineage. Our companions and teachers in the other realms, in the resting places between incarnations. This line is of equal value to that of our genes. Spend as long as you need today to establish a meditative connection with both lineages. This will provide beneficial to both your ancestors and yourself over the rest of this Year of Growth.

9 Alder – 26 March

Biding my time, I strike with precision.

The last few Symbols have put us in our places within the Cosmos, the planes of existence and the flows of eternity. Today we are reminded that we are not feckless pieces of flotsom on the tides of the universe. We can still and must make a difference. By learning the tides of energetic flow and flux we are able to move in this life at the correct moments. There is nothing sadder nor unprofitable than an idea whose time is yet to come. Yet the Symbol suggests you are in sync with the local energy currents surrounding you and will make the correct decision at the correct time. What is it you wish to change? Focusing on this question will have you at the right place at the right time.