26 Rowan – 15 February

A shaman arrives at the critical point in a battle.

The shaman represents your inner knowings. At a critical point in a struggle with yourself this day, your inner voice, your very own shaman will speak softly to you. In ancient times battles stopped to allow the shaman to speak. Equally, the initial stages of battle were between the shamans of both sides before the business of hand to hand fighting began. In many ways this refers to an inner battle. Are you prepared to see the shaman arrive in time for you to avoid conflict, resolve conflict or escalate it? We are moving through this year of growth to, hopefully, more easily avoid our own inner conflicts by living in the world as it is not how we would like it to be. Our inner shaman, higher self, gut feeling or however you wish to describe your knowings is always with you. Today is the day to listen more clearly and receive counsel from yourself.

25 Rowan – 14 February

Divining for water I find jewels.

Now is the time for your greatest surprise. Going about your daily business, looking for the simplicity of water you will discover the jewels of self knowledge. These appear in the ordinary yet they are extraordinary. Prepare to be enlightened! How often have we encountered this phenomenon in our lives? Back on 20 Birch we discovered a golden hind whilst hunting for rabbits. The clues to this Symbol are the differences between the watery and the substantial. Water, as we know, refers to the subconscious, to deep wells within and the jewels are the shining radiance that is our higher selves. This the day the work we have put in this year becomes manifest. A counter point to yesterday’s new clothes, we see ourselves in a new way by see ourselves as we more truly are.

24 Rowan – 13 February

A cupboard door opens to reveal a new set of clothes.

A new beginning can be marked with new clothes. Think of the civilian who walks into recruit training and leaves as a soldier. New clothes, new haircut, new person. Today’s Symbol is asking you to, at the very least, metaphorically change your clothes. You may even decide on new actual wardrobe, it is up to you. This is an important point in your journey through this year. The changes within are now ready to be displayed externally. Indeed, this will be starting to show anyway. We cannot contain, unless we are already masters, the outward expression of our inner growth. So a new uniform to mark your change to the world. Embrace the change knowing there is much more ahead of you.

23 Rowan – 12 February

A wailing of wise women releases the wee folk.

The wailing of wise women is not done without reason. These women are marking the death of something. Usually the Symbols speak metaphorically and this is the case today. The old us, the one we need to love and release is passing. There is naturally some grief attached to this thus the wailing. And sometimes we need the help of those from the other realms. This day is such a time. The wise women do not summon the wee folk lightly nor without cause. This day you must allow those from the other realms to help you. Do NOT fight it! Be aware though, the wee folk operate on different moral standards from we humans and lessons will be a little difficult to assimilate on a conscious level. Know that you are changing, that the old you is being mourned and possible futures are being revealed through the wee folk.

22 Rowan – 11 February

A dagger is driven into the heart of the matter.

A clear mind strikes with the cleanliness of a sharp dagger. Cleaving the unnecessary from the untrue. It drives straight towards the truth. Sharpening the mind, keeping it that way and whetting it when required is a skill developed through daily practice. It may takes years or a blinding moment of realisation or even years to reach that moment of blinding realisation. Know that we are each capable of this insight into reality. The Zen masters of old gave logic stopping conundra to encourage this moment of realisation. Druidic practice of memorising enormous amounts of poetry had the same effect. Poetry as we know, operates in a different region of the brain from prose. Finding the truth about reality requires us to move from prose, from logic to an intuitive understanding of reality. Reality built upon Nature. Listening to the wind, smelling the flowers and feeling currents in water will all point us to where we become the dagger driven into the heart of the matter.