2 Birch – 25 December

The High King stays in the house of a commoner.

Opportunity is come upon you. The High King not only represents secular power but a direct link to the goddesses and gods of the Celtic past. Ask your questions carefully and truthfully. There is much of the energy of the fisher king story about this symbol. Instead of stumbling upon the fisher king’s castle, the high king has come to you. This is a rare opportunity. Be not like the Parzival, ask the question which arises. Do not stand on false ceremony. Yes this is the High King but he is in your home. On another level, the High King represents your higher self. Again, do not let the opportunity pass. Spend this day with your mind open, waiting for your question. Once it arrives, you will know. Once you know, the answer will come.

1 Birch – 24 December

The baying of wolves sounds a warning at night.

As the darkness descends at the end of the day, listen carefully, the wolves are baying, not for your blood, but to prepare you. Something is not quite right. What you thought was real isn’t. Check your premises this day. You are being asked to look at all aspects of your life. Think, contemplate, meditate and allow the answers to come to you. You have heard the wolves, now listen to what it is they have stirred within. Wolves and their baying are part of our journey as a species. Warnings, dangers, are not the only messages the wolves send. They have a highly structured family setup. When this is disrupted, the pack suffers. Coherence is lost and individuals know not their place nor their role. The pack restructures and dynamic harmony is restored. A period of change is indicated as you reassess your life. Know that all will return to the wolf pack dynamic harmony.

The Zen Druid Podcast Trailer

This is the trailer episode of the Zen Druid podcast. For contact details and the patreon link go to www.zendruidpodcast.com.

This is the introductory episode to place the podcast on iTunes and to let you know what’s involved, so welcome!

The Zen Druid Symbols were received by Redocean Cerrydwin during 2004. Each Symbol is a word picture setting the tone and direction for each day of the year. Seemingly simple, they are deceptively deep in their instruction. Each Symbol was received at random and written down on one of a series of 366 cards. Each card represented one day of the Celtic Tree year and the card had been shuffled. When rearranged into the correct order, patterns, synergies and an overall direction to the year became apparent. This podcast version of the symbols represents an update to the original published version of 2008.

You can begin this podcast at any time of the year. I will be publishing daily episodes from 24th of December or as it is also named: the first day of Birch. This is because the episodes are arranged according to the Celtic Tree Calendar with Gregorian calendar dates alongside for ease and convenience. To give a context the “Cosmology of the Zen Druids” follows immediately. Finally, enjoy the journey for that is why we are here.

The Cosmology of the Zen Druids.

In the beginning that which cannot be named gave forth a thought and the breath of life surged into being. Outward and inward where its directions and creation was made manifest. Those two initial flows are mirrored in all of existence in the forms of day and night, the waxing and waning of the moon and the dark and light halves of the year. Creation is further made up of individuals whose lives follow the two directions of the initial breath. We abide in the other realms between lives, reviewing, planning and assessing our experiences. There are many worlds we visit to learn different aspects of ourselves. In these other realms exist the Goddesses, the Gods and other ways of learning. This Earth is the plane of experience. We come here to learn the effects of energy in motion which we shorthand to emotion. We live a life, return to the other realms, analyse, review and prepare to return. After sufficient visits we take on roles as teachers to those still returning and eventually we are subsumed deeper, closer to that which cannot be named.