8 Alder – 25 March

The end of the cycle is the beginning of the next.

While it may seem like everything is falling in a heap, this is necessary. The old must be let go of for the new to appear. Life is but a series of cycles. Endings are beginnings! As an old tree drops in the forest, many new seedlings sprout. You have a multitude of choices this day. Yet as live our lives we see the same themes re-emerge, time after time. The point of this is to remind us we are travelling in cycles but those cycles are not circles but spirals, travelling outward and inward, mimicking that great first breath of creation from which we all spring and to which we all long to return. See the cycles today for what they are and let them flow.

7 Alder – 24 March

Openings, openings and then a closing.

Going with the flow doesn’t relieve us of our responsibility for our actions. When the flow is apparently flowing for our benefit all seems well. When the flow turns, it can feel like we’ve been let down by the universe. This day a series of events will bring home to you your personal responsibility in all matters. The key is not to take ownership of the flow. We are responsible for our actions but we also benefit from tides of energy over which we have no control. The danger is our propensity to personalise everything that happens to us and construct a story around it which, more often than not, shows us in a good light. Today’s lesson is to accept the good and the bad for we have very little control over the larger patterns we inhabit. We only think we do.

6 Alder – 23 March

Doing and dying are not that different.

Life and death are but two sides of the same coin. A difficult concept to grasp but this day you will see. This life is but a game of learning, a time of suspended disbelief. At the moment of transition it is clear. You will grasp this understanding before your final moment. This does not mean our reactions are required to be similar. Grief at loss, joy at life, these are the ways of this world. Knowing the difference will be minimal, when our time comes is liberating. Those who have not yet faced their mortality may have difficulty with this Symbol. Those of us who have, see the truth in the Symbol. A knowing that is difficult, if not impossible to put into words, the Symbol does so.

5 Alder – 22 March

Amid the raucous, I carry wisdom quietly.

Following on from yesterday’s Symbol and our learnings of ourselves reflected to us by others, today we are capable of deciphering the raucous cacophony of life from that which is most relevant to ourselves. These are hard lessons to be learning quickly but the Symbols suggest we are up for the challenge. The key to today’s Symbol is carry wisdom quietly. Yesterday we observed the raucous and today we remain silent or at least speak quietly. In speaking quietly comes power. Power is not force. power is held within. Learning to do so quietly is indeed a precious gift.

4 Alder – 21 March

Surrounded by enemies I fight for my life.

Now is not the day for passive acceptance. Now is the time to stand up for what you believe. To take a stand fully knowing it will flush out all your enemies. As ever, our greatest enemies are within. Yet they are reflected back at us by those around us. The mirror of the universe is one of its emergent properties. Once we wake up to this, life becomes much easier. For the enemies we see outside us are but guide posts to self knowledge. In that knowledge we are able to forgive both others and, more importantly, ourselves. Listen carefully this day to the messages, the energies and the thoughts which arise. Observe them, accept them and be gentle with yourself.