27 Ash – 15 March

The doors to the other worlds remain closed.

Now is not the time for other worldly journeyings. Now is the time to get your earthly affairs in order. As you do this, messages for the other worlds will “leak” through to you. This is a day of to get your foundations strong.There are times when we have to face the realities of this plane. Today is one such time. Time to put into action the steps required to meet your goals here. This is a necessary step. We need to support ourselves and those dependant upon us. It cannot be avoided.Indeed there is much too much nonsense in the self development world pointing to the early christian church hermits. This is not what we evolved to do, full time. True enough hermits have always been with us but they are the exception not the rule. Spend your day attending to your work, it is a thing you need to do.

26 Ash – 14 March

Dancing at midnight under a harvest moon.

Today’s Symbol continues on from where yesterday’s day off. Today is about celebrating the successes this year. Celebration is a perfectly valid part of the process. The Symbol hints at the physical harvest being safely in the barn, this is reflected in your inner world. As we change, past certain points, we cannot return to how we were. In the same way wheat cannot be placed back on the straw stalks so we are changed. This physical change through the year was and in some places, still are celebrated. Planting and harvesting are key moments in the agricultural year. Personal growth is a more non-linear or even non-cyclical process. For this reason we need to celebrate our triumphs. Celebrate today.

25 Ash – 13 March

Mutton pie and cider welcome a wandering stranger.

After yesterday’s Symbol, you may well feel like a stranger to yourself. Take a day for recovery, recuperation and recreation. Not necessarily mutton pie and cider but I can’t find an argument against it. We will notice, I hope, that the Symbols are working on a semi regular cycle of growth and rest. The growth is liberating but can also be quite draining. The rest is, therefore, essential. Too many people have driven themselves to physical and emotional breakdown by not ensuring they rested when required. I might point out again at this stage, the Symbols were received at random and I wrote them down on 366 shuffled cards which were then placed in date order. That the patterns of growth and rest appear is sign of the efficacy of these Symbols. Take today off, read, relax, walk or whatever it is you do to recharge and enjoy it.

24 Ash – 12 March

Anger and hatred defeat the enemy.

Anger and hatred are difficult emotions to handle maturely. However, some enemies require us to access these emotions. Remember our greatest battles and “enemies” are within not without. You will learn much about yourself this victorious day. We will be called to face a part of you you thought was either gone or no longer relevant to this life. The truth is more likely to be that this aspect of yourself has just been buried. It needs to be exhumed, exorcised from your shadow side, accepted by your conscious mind and integrated into your self. This is not easy but full of reward. It would be surprising if anger and some level of hatred did not arise in the process. Step forward and do the work.

23 Ash – 11 March

A door opens in a sacred grove of trees.

A day for inner work. Meditate to a place of quietude and allow the veils to open upon a sacred grove. This is a place of safety, of connection, of rejuvenation and of teachings. Many of these sacred groves were destroyed by more urban cultures. The Romans at Anglesey, Charlemagne in Saxony are but two examples. There is power in trees. We have only recently, as a species, discovered the extensive interconnecting web of tree roots, fungi and communication which occurs underground. The wisdom held in this sacred grove is available for a specific task this day. While you are meditating gently within the grove, a door will open. Enter and explore. There are teachings here for you today.