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3 Ash – 20 February

Driving cattle through the sea to a nearby island.

The cattle represent your power and the island their summer feeding grounds. The cattle are going there to feed as they carry their calves. This is a day of gestation. Things are moving, slowly at first but with growing pace. As the sails of yesterday’s Symbol filled so too do the wombs of yur cattle. Use this day to ensure your power is to be used wisely. Again we have a water motif. The motif of the subconscious. Power, cattle in this case, can be swept away by those waters. Treat them with the respect they deserve. Equally, the cleansing of our power in the salty waters of our subconscious is a necessary task best achieved through meditation.

2 Ash – 19 February

Sails filling with a fresh breeze drive the boat forward.

After a period of being becalmed, a time for thoughtfulness, you are starting to move again. The time for rest is over. Tend the sails, hold the tiller firm, you are on your way! This Symbol suggests we received the guidance we required through yesterday’s Symbol. Remember though, a sailing boat does not travel directly towards its destination, as a rule, but beats across the breeze, approaching the target from the side. The exception to this is when the wind drives from behind, directly at our destination. Even then it is easy to let things run out of control. So as your sails fill this day, do not be carried away by the new direction of that breeze, sail with what is available and keep a clear watch on what’s ahead.

1 Ash – 18 February

Hard of heart, hard of mind.

The mind, the heart, the person are all one. This day be open to a deeper interpretation of the people around you. Despite appearances, the heart is the reality of each of us. Remember this as you re-assess yourself and others you meet this day. Meditation is also a recommended way to uderstand ourselves. I think this has been established through the activities of this year. Seeing where we are hard of heart, is a difficult process at the best of times. It will be reflected to us by others. However, through meditation, we can access these areas of our own lives where we need to soften our ways of being. I recommend the tree of life meditation as it allows to flow through the tree, seeing these areas which require attention as metaphors. These are much gentler on ourselves, allowing change to be implemented more quickly. Being gentle on ourselves is the key to softening those hard parts of us.

28 Rowan 17 February

Wolves at the door offer protection from illness.

That which society sees as a negative will, this day, bring you protection and safety. The wolves at the door have not come to attack but to defend. Allow them to do their work this day. Wolves are, in fact, despite the idea of a lone wolf, family animals. They have a hierarchy, a structure within the pack. They have come to your door to offer protection from illness. What could that be? The Symbol’s depth suggests a need to heal an illness within the structure of your family or at least your interrelationships with others. As you change through this year, you will place pressures on your relationships. You no longer fit neatly into the box others have in their heads. Talk with others, live by example, show that change can be for the good and not just a disruption.

27 Rowan – 16 February

Sheep munching contentedly on their cud.

A day of relaxation and contentment. The work has been done, the effort put in. Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of that work. Sheep chewing cud a extracting the last of the goodness from their feed. Yet they generally lie down to do this. You must take the last ounce of enjoyment from the work you done and the goals you have reached. The journey will continue but periods of rest are critical. Sheep chewing on their cud is also known as ruminating from the fact the cud was partially digested in the rumine. To ruminate is an ancient practice best described as running thought experiments. Of allowing your thoughts to flow, without limit, to wherever they might. After contacting your inner shaman yesterday, rumination is good follow up to that Symbol. Let your thoughts flow as you rest your body. Imagineering is as important as engineering.